Club Monaco Is The Place To Go

Oct 5, 2011

button up By Corpus (UO), skirt Club Monaco, loafers Sperry Topsiders, blouse H&M
necklace F21

Hi new readers and loyal regulars! I answered any questions you guys left in the comments, I figured that was the best place for them. A somewhat work appropriate outfit today, I bought this denim shirt on a whim and considered returning it. I'm glad I didn't because I throw it on any time I want to make an outfit less dressy!

This skirt's from Club Monaco, one of the best places to buy quality basics. People often think it's really expensive to shop there but if you're a student you get 20% with your student card. Plus if you're patient and wait for the sales, you can get quality stuff for the same price you would pay at H&M and Forever 21! Every time I clean out my closet I'm always left with my Club Monaco pieces because they never seem to go out of style or fall apart.

In other news I'm really sick of my hair and I want a change. I'm considering making the ends lighter, using LLYMLRS ombre hair tutorial or dying it all black. Not really sure what to do, I just want something different.

17 thoughts:

  1. I LOVE my denim shirt soooo much and probably overwear it...but it's so comfy and can add to any oufit! :) You look cute!

  2. i love love love this denim shirt! and i love your shoes, as well. you look great! as for your hair, i think it looks beautiful. but i totally understand needing a change. i change my hair all the time!

  3. I think you should go lighter on the ends! I'm a big fan of the ombré and think it should be taken full advantage of while it's still "in". I'd be happy if it never went "out". Love this outfit! My denim shirt is my go to as well. I use it allllll the time.

  4. i vote for ombre too--it's such a great look and you could totally rock it! if i could i would too! xo, laura

  5. You are so pretty and love the way you vary the outfits with an addon.

  6. fascinated by the pattern mixing of the tights with the blouse, & shoes. i'm inspired to rummage through my closet & mix some patterns of my own. :)

  7. wow! you look gorgeous

    nice outfit pictures
    cute blog hun!

    Jump over to my little blog.
    hope you like it and become a
    follower =)

    fly with me ❤

  8. i'm adoring all of these outfits girl. you are gorgeous! and i want all of your rings!!
    xo TJ

  9. Love your blog and your style so I am following =.

  10. I have some beautiful thrifted Club Monaco pieces that I just love-timeless elegance! Your leopard print loafers are divine and I love how you've styled this outfit. It's so much fun finding new Canadian blogs- now following :)

  11. Do the ombre! It's so gorgeous, plus you already have some of the effect going on, and it looks pretty amazing! :) I vote ombre!

  12. found you through gentri's blog and girl you have insane style!!! those loafers are amazing too :)

  13. your necklace is so pretty :)


  14. Love the necklace - the chain looks like it is the perfect length which is difficult to find.

    - Dee


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