Anna Sui Fall 2011: Nothing But The Best

Oct 9, 2011

Retro yet modern at the same time, Anna Sui's fall 2011 collection did nothing but further my obsession with her designs. I loved her spring collection (I'm still stalking a couple of dresses online, waiting for them to go on sale!) and my feelings towards her fall collection are no different.

There were so many amazing things that appeared on the runway; patterned tights and socks, feminine dresses with amazing prints, lots of rich jewel tones to liven up a winter wardrobe and plenty of fun hats. The collection alludes to past decades without looking dated or costumey. Despite the busy patterns and bright colours there is something about Anna Sui's designs that look laid back, unfussy and comfortable. Her clothing looks like it would be versatile and easy to wear.

A rare photo of Alice Ormsby-Gore

According to reviews the inspiration for this collection was both the Ballets Russes and 60s socialites the Ormsby-Gore sisters. It's said that the sisters bought Ballets Russes costumes at a Sotheby's auction and wore them day and night. Regardless of where Anna Sui found her inspiration this collection of colourful bohemian clothing once again demonstrates why she is my all time favourite designer.

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Style notes (via Fashion ect): Erickson Beamon jewelry; knits and hats by James Coviello for Anna Sui; furs by Adrienne Landau for Anna Sui; shoes and boots by Fiorentini + Baker for Anna Sui; and Hush Puppies for Anna Sui


8 thoughts:

  1. she's my fave designer too! i know when i was looking at fall collections a few days ago, this one included, i thought that looks just like emmette katherine's style. i can't remember if it was anna sui or not. my friend bought me the anna sui book for my birthday. do you have it? it's fun to see anna's designer style evolution, & what styles are classically her own. those things that remain being true to her aesthetic.

  2. Love love love!!! Iso wish I could pull a straight from the runway look off.

  3. her designs are always so bold and gorgeous. I hope she does another line for Target (thats the only way I could afford more of her stuff)

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  4. I love all of the colours, prints, textiles and detail in this collection.

  5. I'm always so overwhelmed (in a good way) When I see her new stuff because I want all of it!

  6. Loooove Anna Sui!!

  7. i love that these models are actually smiling :)


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