So Long Sweet Summer ~ Hipstamatic Adventures

Sep 5, 2011

Whenever I hear a Joel Plaskett song playing it reminds me of singing along to his CDs in the car this past summer, on the way to the Muskoka Beer Festival. Sometimes it’s tricky trying to explain to people how craft beer events are not all about drunken debauchery, how it’s nothing like the cheesy beer commercials on tv. Thanks to big corporations (ahem Molson!) people have this mental image of beer drinkers as frat boy types chugging beer after beer and chasing after girls. The craft beer scene isn’t like that at all!!! Microbreweries put a lot of thought and effort into their products and the results are flavourful beers, none of this I’m-drinking-different-brands-yet-they-all-taste-like-water nonsense.

That whole weekend was full of memories and the beer festival itself was the perfect day. Even though I wore wool shorts and roasted in the sun, I wouldn’t change a thing. I can't wait to go again next year!!!

So long sweet summer, memories of new discoveries, St Ambroise apricot wheat ale, road trips, gross martinis, Fresh takeout, thrift store treasure hunting, laughter, sunshine & swimming, art galleries, practical footwear, family & friends :)

7 thoughts:

  1. gorgeous pictorial! I just love hipstamatic prints! Looks like you had a great summer, I think I'll put beer fest on my list of things to do next summer!

  2. It is a shame summer is over but looks like you have had a great time. I love these pictures

  3. looks like you had a wonderful summer! how delicious was that cupcake?

  4. I miss summer already :( @Teddi, the cupcake was delicious I had 4 of them lol!

  5. Beautiful photos! Thanks for your comment, the third picture down is a ring.

  6. Summer just makes me so happy! I want to go to Muskoka Festival next summer, I've heard its amazing!


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