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Aug 6, 2011

This is what I wore last night, totally toned down the skank factor by layering my sheer American Apparel bloomers under some lace shorts. It looked good, but would have been better if the bloomer legs weren't elasticized because I kept having to adjust them all night. It didn't really matter though because this is shaping up to be the best weekend of the summer! One of my besties (who is also slightly obsessed with all things fashion) is down visiting from Toronto and everyone else has the weekend off... which never happens!

Very excited for the music festival tomorrow, it looks like everyone wants to go and we have a place to camp. The weather calls for rain which is slightly worrying because my vintage kimono is white and my bestie wants to wear a white vintage dress. Open field + white clothing + rain doesn't sound like the greatest mix. I guess we'll have to brave the weather and just suck it up!

scarf Le Chateau, lace shorts & leopard print head scarf UO, bloomers AA,
necklace H&M, shirt Fluxus, nail polish Essie turquoise and caicos
Apologies for the low quality photos, I'm saving my pennies for a DSLR, but until then these will have to do :)

10 thoughts:

  1. Stunning outfit love the layering of the shorts perfection hun xoxo

  2. awh I love all your jewelry! ooh you will not regret getting a dslr, they are so fun to play with! :)


  3. I love your animal printed scarf... i think it brings the whole outfit together


  4. really amazing, ooh, how I love your outfits

  5. i love all the different layers. perfect!

  6. I love the bloomers! I hate wearing outfits that I have to be adjust the whole time though, never as much fun. I think you could easily add some loose elastic to those just to help keep em in place a bit! Love all your jewelry and you know I love the nail polish! Essie is only sold at a few locations here and Turquoise and Chaos is always out. This weekend Target opened on my side of the island and I managed to find one last bottle!

  7. Aqui, glad you managed to get your hands on the nail polish! If you're ever stuck again Essie mint candy apple is pretty close in colour and would make a good substitue.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments guys!

  8. You all look just like you stepped out of a time warp a la 1969 . . .
    Lovely blog



  9. damn girl, you look hot :) I especially like your nail polish - it's a great touch!


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