SS 11/12 Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Aug 21, 2011

Well sisters Lizzy and Spelly have done it again; they've created a collection that leaves you completely inspired and coveting each piece. Staying true to their nomadic inspired roots, the spring/summer line is one that evokes wistful feelings of travel and exploration and is a joy to look at. I look forward to shopping the collection once it's in their store :)

You can find photos for the rest of the collection here.

11 thoughts:

  1. I LOVE this! Right up my alley! I just love the feathers and the neutral pieces! The printed kimonoesque tops are so inspiring, I love the prints and the way the loosely hang on the body! Can't wait for this stuff to be in the store!

  2. they really do amazing stuff, totally love their pieces

  3. Oh my! These are absolutely stunning!!

  4. Hello! Thank you for posting about us! So exciting to see your own images on blogs haha! XX Hugs Lizzy

  5. Ooooh - LOVE that. I'm so into Native American-inspired design lately, and I know it's mostly the styling on the photos, but their pieces are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hi girl! I totally love your blog! Amazing style!

    Greetings from Argentina.


  7. Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is great:)

  8. Oh how true! These photos definitely leave me inspired, and I'm lusting after everything! Why don't I live in a warmer beachy climate where it may just be acceptable to dress like this daily?! Those feather headdresses - I'm in love! My style tends to range from girlie to boho, but I'm definitely feeling like embracing my boho side this weekend now!


  9. this is beautiful thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. Wow these photos are incredible. They are so inspiring. I love the first two.
    Thanks for sharing, i'm going to check the site =)


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