Saturday Nights In Neon Lights

Aug 7, 2011

Yesterday ended up being one of those days when nothing goes according to plan, but everything is so much better because of it! Catching the ferry to Wolfe Island with the intention of meeting up with people already at the music festival, we ended up stopping at a friend's property bordering the concert grounds. Strangers passsing by stopped to hang out, have a drink and listen to the music with us. Out of habit I started making a headband out of the flowers I had picked, and of course everybody wanted one, even one of the guys!

Around 9 we figured it was probably a good idea to head down to the concert and meet up with the rest of our group, which we did, leaving glow sticks along the trail to light our way back. We arrived just in time to hear the Stars play.

As you can see I didn't end up wearing my vintage silk kimono, it needs to be altered before it looks right. As with a lot of vintage pieces it needs some changes to make it more modern. All the jewellery in the pictures below is from a cool little shop called Modern Primitive.

Here's some Hipsta-magic from the weekend :)

17 thoughts:

  1. you look gorgeous as usual and the whole experience looks like so much fun! You and your bf are super cute! LOVE the flower crown! I still have yet to make one from your awesome tutorial! I need to get on that!

  2. love you with this updo hairstyle and of course with the flower crown in your hair. the feather bangle shown in the last pis is so stunning, where can I buy it?

  3. Hey Viv, all the jewelry including the feather bracket is from a store called modern primitive. They don't have an online store but they do have a facebook group, you could send them a message and see if they would do a private order. I think that bracelet was around $20 Canadian and was with the jewelry from India. Here's the link to their facebook

    Good luck :)

  4. Hi flower!
    Thanks for stopping by =)
    your blog is super cool.. love the flower headband, so pretty.

    Peace & Love

  5. oh i love the jewelry. Very cute. And i always have the same problem, the vintage pieces have t be adjusted to fit perfectly.

  6. this certainly sounds like a fun night. Love the floral crowns you made.

  7. all these pictures are super fantastic!!!!

    have a nice week!
    jos xx

  8. Love all these pictures, especially the bracelets! xo

  9. you saw stars play? was it fantastic? adoring the headbands & photographs, lovely lady.

  10. super cool snaps!!
    ps. dont forget to enter my lil' competition. promise you'll love ;) xx

  11. Yup, Stars played and the sound was really good, loud and clear. They sounded just like their album, which could be good or bad depending on whether or not you like a different sound at live shows.


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