Saturday Night Fever

Aug 2, 2011

This cute little dress is better suited as a shirt, no indecent exposure here! I wore this for a night out with friends, the plan was low key and laid back, listening to live music at a pub. Slight change of plans when we discovered downtown was busy and the pub line up snaked all the way around the building. We figured, hey, why not go to the sketchy club down the street and go back to the pub later when the line was smaller? So that's what we did.

The club was just like the show Jersey Show, so hilarious and so cliche! From the ostentatious crystal chandeliers, bulging biceps, right down to the "Do you come here often" pickup line used while I waited at the bar. We didn't stay long and were able to finish off the night in a mellower atmosphere. I don't mind clubs once and awhile, but some are waaaaaay cheesier than others!

dress & sweater Urban Outfitters, shorts Billabong, bag FCUK, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, necklace Le Chateau

12 thoughts:

  1. gorgeous top! I love the peak of lace at the top! I agree about the club thing. It's really not my scene. Fine sometimes but I much prefer a low key dive bar.

  2. i like it as a blouse, great nails, & purse too!

  3. You are so cute! Hope you had fun even though it was like Jersey shore hihi

  4. Love the "woods" scene you are shooting in!! You look like a modern day little red riding hood :) B.e.a.utiful rose top as well!!! Good job girl!

  5. what a lovely comment :) I think you should do the same with your stuff, it's so stunning :)

  6. Now these short are what I call gorgeous!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    musing about mohair

  7. This is my kind of outfit--head to toe + FRINGE!!


  8. Beautiful pictures, I love the lace! xo

  9. you're such a babe!! you look amazingggg here!!! thanks so much for your awesome comment. i will do a post about how i got into the styling world.....super soon! promise ;) much love pretty!

    ashley <3

  10. these pictures are really beautiful! you're stunning!

    jos xx


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