Music To My Eyes

Aug 4, 2011

There's a music festival this weekend, on Wolfe Island of all places! A tiny island of about 1400 with no bridges connected to the mainland! It's only accessible by ferry and if you miss the last boat at 11pm you're kind of screwed. This should be interesting if I end up going.

To get into the last minute festival possibly-getting-stuck-on-an-island-and-all-the-campgrounds-are-sold-out-and-it-doesn't-have-hotels mood I took a quick look at some of my favourite outfits from past Coachella and Glastonbury festivals. I'm not usually one to plan outfits ahead of time but I've started making outfits in my head.  There's an unworn silk embossed kimono I scored at Goodwill for $5 hanging in my closet. A music festival is the perfect place to wear it possibly with shorts and a tank. Technically I think it might be a bathrobe, but I'll try and pass it off as day wear. Will this work my friends? We shall see, we shall see!

photos from Harpers Bazaar

17 thoughts:

  1. Lovely Festival outfits!!!!!!!

  2. absof*ckinlutely great outfits! love them all!

  3. oooh, i can't wait to see what you pick! the kimono/shorts sounds wonderful. have fun if you go!

  4. Do you ever love something so much that it makes your heart beat fast?

    That's how I feel about your blog.

    i am so obsessed with your posts, I could sit here scrolling all day!

    So glad I found you - following for sure!

  5. Cool looks!

  6. So inspirational, I love the second look! xo

  7. Love these festival looks! The last two are gorgeous!


  8. Festival Fashion is my ULTIMATE FAVE! love these looks!!


    Thanks so much for your comment! I am following your blog now! Please follow mine as well :)

  9. these pieces are all so beautiful!!! the outfit in the second pic is totally me!

    jos xx

  10. Congrats on that Goodwill find! I love silk, but can only afford it if I find it in a thrift store or marked down A LOT. which happened in NYC, found a dress for 29.99 instead of 335.00 at Urban Outfitters! I was extatic!

  11. Love that last right hand sided one.

    You can never have too much lace and it's just wayyy groovy.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    playing an impostor

  12. this is a great selection of festival inspired outfits! i love it!
    Krissy xoxo


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