Be Still My Heart

Aug 11, 2011

Why must you be sold out everywhere? Why?! I've been wearing my black suede fringed purse to death and in my search for something new I've found perfection in the Navajo Stud Flame by Rebecca Minkoff. The fact that I can't get my hands on it only adds to the appeal. Seriously though, I can't let this dream die, it's so hard to find the right damn purse! There must be a way to track it down. Somehow. Right?

6 thoughts:

  1. eBay??? Wow. That bag is GORGEOUS!! And I'm a purse snob!

  2. It makes your heart just melt doesn't it?! I might try eBay but I just dont trust buying designer stuff on there. I'm scarred from a couple bad experiences. I've heard of this special certified designer online store where people can sell their "old" (last season lol) purses. I won't give up!

  3. Sweet Wind Cries Mary, that bag is SICK AND WRONG. Guh. Lubs.

    Good luck, mama!


  4. oh, why must you torture me? Now I'm obsessed! I love the color of the leather and the studs... oh man, the studs! This bag is perfect! Please let me know if you track this beauty down!

  5. Love that bag!!! I hope you're able to find it!!!

  6. That bag is lovely, liking the stud work :D


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