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Jul 14, 2011

Why is it as we grow up we're expected to lose our imaginations and individuality so we can conform to conventional ideals? Why do the traits of creativity and artistic inclinations tend to be pushed aside and decrease in value, viewed as something suitable for children? Perhaps it's my subtle rebellion against corporate culture, but when I escape into the world of blogs I seek out the fanciful, the unconventional, the bloggers who haven't quite retired their whimsy to a forgotten corner.

Karin's Wunderlust is a world of it's own; a modern day rabbit hole in which to tumble down. Things of the past and things of the present collide, much like her style, which is a dichotomy of romantic elements and their darker counterparts.

Her photographs are a form of art, one of the many reasons I have print outs of fall photography classes sitting on my desk right now. Karin is able to capture a feeling, a mood, an emotion all with the click of a shutter. It's modern day magic.

11 thoughts:

  1. These are so lovely! Just like your writing! :)

  2. love these photos especially the last one! Her style is so playful and whimsy as you said! Love that word :)

  3. I definitely appreciate the whimsy of her photographs, they really create such a unique, magical mood.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Incredible photos!!!!! Love them all!!! Alice in Wonderland!!!
    Thanks for your comment, yes, my hair is blonder(I do this every summer!)

  5. I absolutely agree, what a shame the curious, imaginative side is not nurtured more!

    I'm in my own world/dream most of the time - I often think that's the best place to be!


  6. really incredible, thanks for that hint!

  7. thank you for the lovely post xxx really like your images choices

  8. i absolutely love her blog!!! shes amazing :)


  9. She reminds me Alice in Wonderland! her blog is a beautiful fairytale!

  10. karin is wunderful (catch the spelling like her blog name). i've been reading her blog, for i don't know how many months. her floral wreaths & feather headpieces look like miniature works of art!



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