Wednesday, but not Adams!

Jul 6, 2011

dress American Eagle, blouse Club Monaco, purse & belt Vintage, shoes Nine West

I'm sure by now it's obvious I have a thing for Club Monaco. I really have no defense other than they have a great student discount and make quality stuff. Like this blouse/tunic thing. Versatile, light, comfortable, perfect. Although it seems to have encountered some sort of unfortunate dry cleaning mishap, the sleeves are a few inches shorter since I last wore it. hhhmmmmmmm. Time to switch dry cleaners.

Wednesday! A few more days until a beach filled weekend at beautiful Sandbanks to be exact. Yes, even though the long weekend barley finished I'm already counting down to Friday. It's just that warm days are fleeting in Canada and you have to make the best of things :) Especially if you spend 5 days a week sitting in an office looking out the window. Kinda makes me wish I had a profession that gets summers off!

Don't let these shoes deceive you. They look fabulous but after a few hours of standing/walking your feet start to hurt, A LOT. I wore them to a wedding last fall and was barefoot by the end of the night!

9 thoughts:

  1. really love your blouse, my dear

  2. that blouse is darling, shorter sleeves or not!

  3. those are cute shoes. bummer they arent more comfortable.

  4. I love tunics and yours rocks! Its so light, perfect piece for summer! Can't wait to see photos from your upcoming weekend at the beach! I just got back from my long weekend and I'm already counting down the days till my next day off!

  5. You look SO stunning. That blouse is so pretty, and it looks great belted. The shoes are lovely too; it's a shame they're so painful! Have a wonderful time at Sandbanks!


  6. Hello,

    just dropping by from FBFF (I'm just getting through all the emails this weekend). I remember dropping past your blog a while ago when you were asking about self photography (i think). I must say, your photos are looking FABULOUS. Well done.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  7. Love this look!
    Adoree that top!

  8. so cute! love the blouse.

  9. beautiful!


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