Split Pea Soup

Jul 9, 2011

Day lilies!! The most beautiful flowers on earth! I have no idea what these wildflowers are called but I love them, hands down my absolute favourite flower. There's nothing better than driving past fields and fields of them on a warm Saturday afternoon. For the entire month of July, when they're in bloom my house is filled with them.

Wore this get-up running errands today with the bf. Check out the crazy back on the dress, it reminds me of both the 80s and Star Trek, quite the combination! Too funny, the shorts bf wore today were patterned in olive/mustard/orange, lol. He's got great taste, which was once again evident when he played the Insomniac album (Green Day) during our drive into town. I had forgotten what a great album that was, aaaahhh nostalgia.

The plan for tonight is low key and laid back because tomorrow it's up and at em early to get a full day in at the beach. Hope you guys are having a great weekend :)

silk dress Wilfred (Aritzia), cardigan BDG (UO), loafers thrifted Hush Puppies

7 thoughts:

  1. You look so cute! I love this dress! And those flowers are gorgeous!

  2. lovely look :) & great photos!

  3. fantastic dress! I love this color, its so unique. Exactly how you described it, split pea. Have lots of fun at the beach!!

  4. Your dress is really beautiful!! :). Nice pictures.

    Fashion Rehab

  5. gorgeous! the end.



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