A Collection Of Perfection: Anna Sui Spring 2011

Jul 31, 2011

Anna Sui's bohemian-esque spring collection just goes to show that even within a certain 'style' of dressing there are many, many different looks. Whenever I need a dose of inspiration I look back to this collection for fresh ideas. I love the colours, the pattern combinations, the slouchy boots and the feeling of ease and comfort these outfits emulate. Thank you Anna Sui!

photos courtesy of style.com

8 thoughts:

  1. nice collection :) thank you **

  2. I love the collection! it's so earthly, and natural. I love the colors and now I wish to go shopping, thanks girl ^.^

    love your blog!
    you are one pretty thing you!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  3. I love these looks! Ana Sui is one of my favorite designers because of this! Gorgeous and hippie chic! Totally your style!

  4. This collection is very beautiful. Thanks for posting the pictures!! They are so inspiring and so is your blog, heh!

  5. Absolutely love this collection! Amazing.


  6. she's my fave designer! i put her collections on my blog too.



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