Yesterday was Sunday Funday

Jun 6, 2011

I swear I change my nail polish more frequently than most other people! On any given week my nails seem to be an average 3 different colours. It's because I don't really like the look of chipped polish and once the nails start looking rough it's time to fix them up! Yesterday morning was no exception, luckily it was my favourite day of the week and I was in no rush to be anywhere. It's my only day for sleeping in, leisurely coffee (as opposed to rushing around and trying to get enough caffeine to be awake at work), reading, watching movies and catching the new episode of Game of Thrones. It ended up being a cloudy Sunday so instead of lying outside reading in the sun I spent most of the day indoors. 

This is what I wore for brunch yesterday, except by the time the bf and I got around to leaving it was dinner time! On the way we stopped by a path I like to take when I go walking. It's out of the way and never has any traffic, perfect spot for picture taking.

Now the weekend's over and another work week lies ahead. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend :)

tank BillaBong, sweater BCBG, capris Guess, shoes Rocket Dogg
jewellery Vintage/Club Monaco/F21

19 thoughts:

  1. You are so adorable, totally loving your blog. That nail polish is great and I love how it matches your cute sweater! :)
    xo Lynzy

  2. Love all the fun patterns on your sweater! You have to tell me what color your nail polish is!! Seriously, I love it so much!

  3. great outfit! love the patterned sweater xx

  4. I wish I had your enthusiasm about nail polish. I tend to go the clear route with my nails. Loving that sweater.

  5. you have such great style, i really love your outfits that i've seen so far!

  6. a. I love your style
    b. I'M CANADIAN!!
    c. you left me a comment a couple weeks ago and I missed it!! That Club Monaco fringe tunic IS from the current collection. I hope you can find it because based on what I've seen here you would love it.


  7. Thanks! and (@Aqui) the nail polish is Frostbite by China glaze :)

  8. Love that jacket! And I wish I could do my nails more than once a week but I don't have time...haha...but sometimes I have time to touch up the chipping parts so I do that :)

  9. Wow, I love your cardi...I am a personal fan od chevron in every form!

    Thanks for stopping by G&G so I could discover you too. You're gorgeous!

  10. *of

    Do wish we could edit comments!

  11. Love your bag and obsessed with your rings
    lee x

  12. i LOVE your rings! :)

  13. I wish I had the patience to change my nail color a few times a week. I just hate waiting for them to dry - I almost always ruin them before they do!

    Love that cardigan, it's so cool!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. you look wonderful and the color for the nail match you very well x

  15. i don't know, i change my polish a lot too. sometimes in the same day, if i don't like the way a color looks. nice outfit.


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