Spring has sprung, but where is summer?

Jun 24, 2011

It's Friday, the best day of the work week! Weather wise it was a weird day,  It was cool this morning, hence the boots and sweater. Welcome to summer time in Canada, dressing in layers is the only way to go.

Yesterday after work I checked out two of my favourite vintage/thrift stores and walked away with an amazing old lady poncho. My friends will think I'm nuts when I wear it, but I really like it! I had to talk myself out of buying a snakeskin purse similar to the one I'm holding in the picture above. I have a really bad habit of buying nearly identical things with slight differences.

Toronto bound tomorrow, I can't wait! My bf has a kickboxing exam early in the morning that couldn't be rescheduled so we're leaving right after that. I'm bringing a disposable camera on our trip, I like the way the photos turn out. Remember the anticipation that came with waiting for your film to be developed?  I'm looking forward to actually getting prints instead of just uploading pictures onto the computer:) Have a great weekend everyone!

skirt & necklace UO, t-shirt F21, sweater Costa Blanca, purse Vintage,
boots random boutique

9 thoughts:

  1. You look so cute! i love the lace and I adore that nail polish! I feel the same about the weather. I live on the rainiest island in the rainiest part of that specific island. The only way to go is to layer. I really enjoy the layered look though. I feel most comfortable with layers actually.

  2. Indeed you look lovely! You are very pretty and the lace: I just love it! your clutch is so nice!
    I am sorry about the weather! I live in Greece and the temperatures here arenow 35C too hot!

  3. wow stunning outfit doll totally love the lace all girly and cute with those kick ass boots. The old days of waiting for pics to develope and paying extra for a one hour service have a fab time xoxo

  4. I can not stop looking at your outfit! LOVE IT! Im sorry about the weather.. I live in Oregon and it rains nonstop! Hope the weather gets better for you :)

  5. we do have really bad weather here, too :( Hope, we'll see the sun soon :) lovely outfit, my dear :)

  6. I love the white lace and turquoise nail polish! =)


  7. The first picture is gorgeously taken.Your polish color to. I have been looking for that color for such a long time now! But i cant seem to find it.

  8. ooooooooooo love it all every single detail. what polish are you wearing?


  9. The nail polish is by Essie it's called turquoise and caicos. Ever since I got it people in real life ask what colour it is and go out and get it! It's such a fun summer colour :)


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