More work attire. I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging, a lot of neutrals, limited to no prints. I swear I do own clothing other than black, cream, brown and green, but you'd never know judging by these last few posts. Hmmmmm. Main reason I guess is I'm not a morning person, the snooze button gets hit more than once and when it's time to get dressed grabbing like colours means everything will work together.

I know lots of people plan their outfits ahead of time, which would be smart, but half the fun of creating an outfit is doing it in the moment. Besides, no matter how many times I plan what I'm wearing ahead of time, when I get dressed i always end up wearing something else!

Watched the Stanley Cup game last night, at a pub (and liked that outfit way better, but no time for photos) everyone I was with was rooting for Vancouver. I don't know what it's like in other countries but Canadians LOVE their hockey! It was a fun night and thank goodness no brawls broke out!

dress Zara, long sleeve Club Monaco, belt boutique, earrings F21,
 bangles & clutch Vintage

7 thoughts:

  1. you look gorgeous! Your pops of neon are fantastic with your lovely neutral pieces! Have you checked out "Bloggers do It better"? the theme for this round is neutrals and neon, which you have accomplished perfectly!

  2. In your defense, you did add a pop of blue here! It looks great!

  3. Love your hot pink nails & the clutch. I never plan my outfits ahead of time either. I'm just not that committed.

  4. This is adorable. You did keep it neutral but that allowed for your pastel blue belt and neon pink nails to totally pop.
    Yeah, I am one of those people who plan ahead. I am actually a total freak as I have a spreadsheet of all my outfit ideas totally categorized and sorted etc..! I just pick an outfit from that list depending on the weather and my activity the night before. But yes, I do tend to change a thing here or there once I put it on as most of the outfits are just ideas and have never been tried on!

  5. I think this outfit is beautiful! I love the blue belt with it. Romantic with the lace and tone and edgy with the belt and clutch. :) Happy Friday.

  6. Waawww loved the dress n the die 4 clutch ;)) u look stunnin ;)) xxx

  7. sigh!


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