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Jun 29, 2011

Classic 90s, Cher rocking some kick ass knee socks. Growing up Clueless was one of my favourite movies, to this day I associate knee socks with Cher Horowitz and my high school uniform. Unlike kilts and regulation grey dress pants I didn't develop any sort of aversion towards mary janes or knee socks and still wear them to this day. 

I remember seeing Clueless for the first time and wanting both Cher's revolving closet complete with outfit making software and every article of clothing worn in the movie. No one was wearing anything remotely similar to the Clueless cast's wardrobe (well except Josh and the stoners but that doesn't count because the movie makes fun of their clothing) when it was released. In the grunge era plaid flannel, greasy hair and doc martin boots were the uniform of the day. This film helped shift the 90s aesthetic away from the that look.

Because it was ridiculously and uncharacteristically hot yesterday I searched my drawers and rediscovered a pair of long forgotten boyfriend cut offs. Since I always feel a bit generic wearing shorts with sandals I threw on my favourite mary janes (that need to be replaced badly) and some patterned knee socks for something a little different.

blouse Club Monaco, shorts American Eagle, socks?
shoes Rocket Dog, purse F21, wristlet Sirens

7 thoughts:

  1. I love clueless! One of my favorite movies growing up too! I loved Dions big plastic black and White flower pot hat! I love your knee highs, the floral detailing makes them so unique :)

  2. i was obsessed with that film. No lie, there was a time in my life when I could quote the movie word for word

  3. This outfit looks adorable on you. I love the lace socks and that top is very effortless pretty.


  4. wow super cute! lace cocks look adorable with denim shorts, you look fab too!

  5. I like the blouse, and it's such cute styling to put it with the shorts and socks... not prim at all!

  6. Oh my God this outfit is so well styled! I love it! and I love Clueless!!! You should always have something baking when a boy comes over.


  7. that movie is fun. i love the writer, she also did "fast times at ridgemont high," & "i could never be your womant." paul rudd is my celebrity crush.remember that scene where cher & dion were shopping in the store contempo casuals? i worked in one of their chain clothing stores, in the mall. true story.



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