Canadian Designers: Chloé Comme Parris

Jun 13, 2011

Nothing like discovering great designers while watching reruns on Fashion Television before bed! Chloé Comme Parris is a Canadian label created by sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon who resorted to creating their own designs when they grew tired of not being able to find what they wanted in stores. With the goal of creating luxury items that can be passed down through generations, the sisters aim to make people feel unique in their clothing (source).
Watching their Fall/Winter 2011 show I found I was drawn to this line for two reasons. The first being the silhouettes and structure of the garments were, for the most part, uncomplicated and had a romantic feel to them. I could envision myself wearing the pieces in my everyday life, everything look comfortable yet luxurious at the same time.
Fall/Winter 2011
The second was the juxtaposition of the textures and colours used in each piece. The soft shapes clashed with the cold, stark colours. The jewellery was no exception, metal and glass went the overall conflicting aesthetic. The line has an edgy almost gothic feel to it, Chloé Comme Parris is a label I'll be keeping my eye on.

5 thoughts:

  1. That jacket is just sooo gorgeous!

  2. Love this! The sleeves on the white top are so unique! I also really love the color of the jacket in the first photo!

  3. i love the fall collection--both edgy and sweet at the same time.

  4. Great write-up... I used to love discovering Canadian designers, but since I've been out of the country I've kind of failed miserably. Good to know about these guys!

  5. Chloé is such a timeless, classy label. Love, how they added a bid of edge to their new collection. Still happy about my 100 Euro Chloe coat bargain I made on ebay a season ago :)


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