American Apparel, A Love/Hate Relationship

Jun 1, 2011

It's come to a point where I've had to ban myself from American Apparel. Don't get me wrong, I love that store and their great basics (many of which have made their way into my closet) but the problem is I'm seduced by the more 'artistic' items. It's the only store where my willpower is completely non-existent.  So many amazing pieces in so many amazing colours; gold lame leggings, bicycle shorts, tricot dresses... The list goes on and on.

Long ago I figured the best way to combat temptation was to avoid the store.
Which was working well until a last week when my bf asked if I could stop by American Apparel and pick up a black tee for him. The plan was to go in, not look around, just buy the tee and get out.

Then this happened:

Hot Shorts & Bloomers American Apparel, t-shirt Aritzia, jewellery vintage, nail polish Japanese koi (neon) by China Glaze

One pair of jersey knit hot shorts and one pair of sheer micro mesh bloomers later I was on my way home trying to figure out how I would style my new treasures. That's the thing with American Apparel, I always buy adventurous pieces that seem impractical but I end up wearing them a lot because I love them. Whether I should be doing this is a different question!

I wore the hot short/bloomer combo out to a birthday party (in a club, don't fret people) later in the week and after seeing pictures from the night I determined next time a longer short is necessary! This is the least scandalous picture from the evening.

Hot Shorts & Bloomers American Apparel, shirt Guess, purse vintage, jewellery F21

The plan is to avoid the store for another few months, I think I have all the hot shorts I need for now!

9 thoughts:

  1. I have the same issue! I adore the american apparel hot shorts! You look super cute!

  2. you look beautiful and that is a fab pair of shorts..great blog!

    i'm your follower!

    daily fashion inspiration? click..

  3. well you scored some really great pieces so it wasnt all bad :)

  4. Love the shorts! And I can't argue with an American Apparel addiction.... I'm battling that same problem. I find that their clothes are always the ones that have the most constant rotation in my closet

    - Dee

  5. Those are adorable shorts!! I love the way you wore them with the blousey shirt. They don't appear too scandalous:)

  6. you look hot!! i mean, AA is truly irresistible, girl i dont blame ya! i would wear those to a bday party (non club lol) you have a great blog, i'm happily following, i hope you follow and visit me back soon! muah! have a wonderful start to your weekend! xo!

  7. No way, those shorts look gorgeous on you! :) The nail polish my friend was wearing in my post is from Skin food. I can't find the colour name because she bought it from Korea and I'm guessing the name's in Korean too! It has a website on the bottle though

  8. I get you but the unique basics are so temptating over at AA. Still those shorts look great on you! Thanks for stopping by :)

    x jeanne

  9. I'm kind of madly in love with those laced bloomers.. They're so cute I may have to grab myself a pair!


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