Afternoon Attire

Jun 19, 2011

Leaving a food and wine show yesterday I noticed a graffiti mural on the side of the building and asked my friend to snap a few pictures in front of it. They willingly obliged but when I mentioned the photos were for my blog they seemed confused. A blog with of pictures of yourself? It was a slightly awkward conversation, the concept of taking photos of your daily outfits and sharing them on the internet does seem a bit crazy when you say it out loud, but it's fun!

Style blogging forces you to examine your wardrobe and challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. After a few months of blogging I've become a better shopper, I've noticed gaps in my wardrobe and shop accordingly, rather than simply buying an item because I like it. I also wear a lot more of my clothing rather than falling back on my favourites.

Yesterday I dressed for comfort but not necessarily for practicality, because wearing a white dress to a wine tasting event is just asking for trouble! Luckily it all worked out in the end, the dress is just as white as when I arrived.   

dress Costa Blanca, silk shawl Winter Kate, purse Aldo, sunnies UO

7 thoughts:

  1. oh I love this post because I have the same issues with my friends, boyfriend, sister. Everyone thinks I'm a bit of a nut for taking so many pictures of myself. LOVE your outfit! The dress is so cute and you yellow kimono top is just adorable!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!

    Blog of the first Vintage & Fairy Tale Magazine

  3. My friends definitely had the same confused reaction about style blogging, too! Now that I think of it, it is a strange concept!

  4. i adore this yellow cover up/coat. where did you find it? you look wonderful...perfect for a wine tasting (white dress aside!)

  5. I guess it would be helpful if I included clothing info! The silk shawl is by the brand Winter Kate.

  6. lovely white dress, my favorite color x

  7. i have a thing for graffiti murals! i know i shouldn't. i love people expressing themselves artistically. i used to work with high risk youth.


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