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May 15, 2011

YEAH! I get so excited when I discover a new style blog that's amazing! This morning I happened to stumble upon Autilia's Blog. I can't tell you how impressed I was with her personal style. An edgy mix of bohemian, romantic and whimsy, the moment my browser loaded her pictures I was hooked.

I always wonder where these stylish women find their clothes. Is the Internet their best friend, thrift stores, or designer labels? I ask because when I go shopping I'm always greeted by the same thing in each store. Rack after rack of polyester black pants, black leggings, coloured stretchy t-shirts and the occasional sequenced shirt for special occasions, disappointing to say the least. Yes, it's probably because I live in small town Canada, but still. What's the secret to finding these amazing pieces that help define one's style, I really need to know!!

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  1. really a great post and soooo true! here in Germany, you can only find stores with tons of polyester garbage on the racks.
    I go for vintage when it comes to bags and shoes. I don't like the overpriced plastic shoes on the high street and buy used leather goods instead.
    For clothing, I do a little bid of vintage (mainly jackets), high end brands in the sale (I love Free People, All Saints and Winter Kate and buy most of it on or on TheOutnet) and I'm a real ebay junky!


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