Oh Mr. Postman

May 19, 2011

It's been exactly 9 business days since I placed my order with ThreadSence and it feels like it's been a decade, hurry up and get here already! It takes 5-20 days for Canadian orders to be delivered so I've got 11 more days of anticipation. The photos from the Spring Lookbook are serene, I really hope the clothes work out. The website provided measurements for each garment which is more useful than a general size guide, so we should be good! Some of my favourite looks (trust me when I say self restraint was involved when choosing what to buy);

Now if only we could have some nice weather to wear these spring clothes in rather than rain...

3 thoughts:

  1. Sweetheart, your blog is amazing...who's blogs do you follow? Why don't you join twobirds and myself on Inspiration Monday and grow your blog. twobirdsboutique.blogspot.com In the beginning I did not follow anybody and did not get any comments either. Follow who you love to read everyday and watch your blog grow. Lots of love, dawn xoxo

  2. really beautiful pictures, I really love any outfit shown here! Exactly my taste and what I'm going for now. Reminds me a lot of the clothing and the style of American brand Free People, doesn't it?

  3. these pictures are soooooooo cute i love them. and i love sasha, the long haired model! we use her on planet blue's website! she's so sweet and gorgeous!! thank you also for your super sweet comments!

    ashley <3



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