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May 27, 2011

Ottawa bound for another long weekend! I woke up to a grey, rainy morning and thought it might be smart to check the weather forecast. Ended up repacking my suitcase, switching cutoffs for pants and tossed in some tights. Also remembered to bring practical cowboy boots for navigating the crowd at tomorrows infamous Great Glebe Garage Sale. I've never been before and my fingers are crossed that I find some decent vintage jewellery. 

Today's outfit is thrown together and almost feels a bit like fall. My shirt is from one of my favourite Canadian stores, Aritzia. They have a few of their own lines and carry basics that fit perfectly. If you're ever visiting Canada it's a place you must stop by, guaranteed you'll find something you love!

skirt Bebe, shirt Wilfred (Aritzia), boots Jeffrey Campbell, scarf Costa Blanca, jewellery vintage/F21/random

7 thoughts:

  1. you look super cute! Love the color pallet you've got goin on here!

  2. great outfit! love your dress.

    damn, I cannot comment with my blogger-account, that's why I'm anonymous...

    sassi from


  3. Hi ya.. I saw your post on the google group and love your photos.. I am in Victoria BC so also great to connect with another Canadian Blogger!!

    cheers, Jodi

  4. Hi, I love your look in these photos...sooo pretty. Thanks for the post on Autilia's blog. Really enjoying her style too. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo. stop in sometime.

  5. hello! Just wanted to stop on by and say thanks for your nice comment on my blog yesterday. I am really digging this outfit. You have great style. Consider me your new follower :)

  6. love the outfit! may i ask where u got the boots? it's so hard to find good stores that ship to canada with no hassles.


  7. hey Colleen, the boots are by Jeffrey Campbell and I ordered them from I was really happy with their service, I accidentally used the wrong discount code and sent an email, they fixed it right away, my order was delivered in less than 5 days. I did pay duty (and I knew that).

    Just make sure you read the reviews for JC sizes, some of his styles fit bigger than normal :)


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