Do I really need another pair of frankenhooves?

Feb 17, 2011

When your feet are size 8.5 boats, chances are if you wait for the end of season sales you won't have much luck snagging shoes. I've learned the hard way and do my shoe shopping at the beginning of the spring/summer season before my size sells out.

Lately I have been quite infatuated with the Jeffrey Campbell brand. He and his team have a knack for fusing 70s elements into a modern but edgy looking shoe. Although his footwear is rampant in the blogging world, I have yet to see anyone wearing anything that resembles a Jeffery Campbell creation in my small town.

For my new spring purchases I've come down to the following pairs of shoes. Frankenhooves as J likes to call them. I have an obsession with frankenhooves- the clunkier and taller the better. Wearing platforms puts me well over 6 feet! I'm not sure which pair I'll get or if I'll crack and buy two pairs. They're all amazing for completely different reasons.


I'm leaning towards the cheetah print foxy's... I also love the shoe below  but I keep encountering them on blog after blog after blog and I'm getting a little sick of them.


which pair, which pair...

3 thoughts:

  1. hahahahaha!!! frankenhooves!! so genius!! and your feet are NOT boats---you can become a boat when you're a size 10 like me--or does that make me a cruise ship foot?! either way I'd die for your little 8.5's!!!! also, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it really means alot to me!

    ashley <3

  2. Frakenhooves is an ingenious name! I like the last pair actually, I think it's rather versatile. And glad to see you back in the blogging scene, was wondering where you were :)

    Hope things are going good :) x

  3. HA! I love the term Frankenhooves---you need to copyright that before someone steals it! :)
    I wear the same size shoe as you and have the same problem with trying to snag shoes on sale. But, have you heard of I just discovered it and they have a lot of great end of season stuff in our size. Check them out---I think they are owned by zappos.


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