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Feb 19, 2011

Fur, both faux and real has long captivated my attention. Growing up I looked forward to the weekends when my parents would take the family to Church. Not because I was an overly pious child but simply because I loved seeing all the women dressed in their best clothing, which happened to include furs and leathers.

As I got older I'd save up my allowance and search the racks at thrift stores for vintage furs. Now that I'm an adult I still search thrift stores for treasures, the most recent being this $10 coat I found buried under polyester garbage at the Salvation Army. Flared and floor length (a hideous tent like shape) I almost passed it up but on a whim I decided to just buy it. A few alterations and volia, the opposite of it's previous self :)

As a vegetarian I'm well aware of the vintage fur debate, and for now I'm o.k. with wearing vintage fur. I plan on transitioning to vegan later in the year and my thoughts and feelings about fur and leather may change, but for now as with most things, I prefer to buy quality second hand clothing instead of allowing it to end up in our already overflowing landfills.

Here are some other stylish ladies who also love to wear fur - which I'm hoping is vintage.

Mary Kate Olsen

The lovely Rumi of Fashion Toast

The always originial Elizabeth of Chic Heroin

The infamous Penny Lane

How do you feel about vintage fur?

2 thoughts:

  1. Oooh! I just love that gorgeous coat.

    On the fur debate... I guess I wouldn't see a problem with wearing the vintage stuff, because it is already out there, you're not creating a market for new, and it would be just wasteful not to use what is already out there.

    Like if I found an antigue ivory pretty, I would absolutely get it. No elephant will have recently given it's tusks up. And I figure that it is much better for something to be used and treasured than wind up in the dump.

  2. you got that coat for $10! nice coat photo inspiration.


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