Clogs, My New BFFs?

Feb 8, 2011

For the longest time I have been coveting clogs. After accepting the fact they weren’t coming to a store near me anytime soon I took to the internet and ordered a pair of Steve Madden clogs. They should arrive ANY DAY NOW and the anticipation is killing me! Yes, you can buy just about anything online but waiting patiently for your package to be delivered is hard! It’s like being a kid all over again on Christmas Eve. Depending on how much I love (and wear) these Steve Madden clogs a second pair in a different style may be necessary.

Other contenders for the clog BBF title (Can you tell I watch a little to much UFC?):  

Chanel Embellished Clogs - My fantasy shoe, no need to explain why these aren't coming in the mail! The embellishment is a twist on the traditional clog and appeals to the romantic in me.

Mui Mui Desert Suede Studded Platform Slingbacks - The traditional clog sole combined with an unexpected upper body makes these shoes very appealing, but they are a bit dressier than what I had in mind.

Jeffrey Campbell Snick Stud - I preferred the suede of the Steve Maddens to the leather of these JCs, and I wasn't crazy about the wedge heel on this particular shoe.

Jeffrey Campbell Splendid - I love these shoes but I decided that the open toe wouldn't be practical for winter. That and the fact they were sold out.

Jeffrey Campbell Charli - Very similar to the Steve Maddens, but suede won over leather.

Miu Miu Strawberry Satin Floral Print Studded Clogs - Not the most practical everyday shoe, but I'd make it work. I'm a sucker for red shoes.   

Jessica Simpson Wilhigh - Not sure why I decided against these, probably because I have a mental block against buying anything Jessica Simpson produces.

Joe's Jeans Brenda Platform Sandal - I like these but they wouldn't hold up in a Canadian winter. I was also worried (since I was shopping online) that these massive platforms might make my size 8.5 foot look monstrous.

For the second pair I'm torn between the Mui Mui Desert Suede Studded Platform Slingbacks and the Jeffrey Campbell Splendids. How's a girl to choose????!

How do you feel about clogs- don't worry I won't be offended if you hate them! I find people either love them or hate them, there's no in between. I used to think they were hideous but I've crossed over to the dark side and now I love them! 



It's their ugliness that makes me love them.

18 thoughts:

  1. I have been thinking about getting a pair of clogs myself. Love the maddens you picked, and also a fan of the JC snick!!

  2. I love most shoes. . and my memory of clogs extends to a pair of red ones belonging to my mother that she still wears 20+ years on. Nevertheless, today's clogs are bigger and louder. . and I love the Joe Jean's ones!

  3. Love them, but unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet) they won't stay on my feet! Love your picks though!

  4. I love the 1st pair and also the 3rd pair. :)SarahD

    Great blog, I follow. :)

  5. Clogs are not really me but when I saw clog boots I have to say I really wanted a pair. I love those black clogs thank's for sharing kitten xxx

  6. Yeah, those strawberry miu mius are my dream shoe!

  7. ooh, I love the ones you ended up getting. I have been lusting over clogs for the past two seasons, too. I need to just bite the bullet and buy a pair.

  8. Thanks for your long comment on my blog (and the info about Canada)! This is where blogs should be used for, to get a discussion started! And yes you are right. It is a message that not everyone wants to hear or understands. It's sad to see that a great deal of fashion is superficial. See for yourself, half of the people who reacted to that post only looked at the picture and said 'love your hat'. which offcourse I very much appreciate, I appreciate every single comment. But still I am even more happy when my message comes accross and likeminded people like you react to it :)


  9. Had to see the clogs! Love them all, just a little too high for me. You know I love 'um--so glad they are back in style!

  10. Jeffrey Campbell does make an amazing shoe, but yes, the Chanels are the best! Sometimes Jessica Simpson's things will catch my eye, then I'll get a closer look and feel a slight repulsion - not sure if it's HER as a label and brand, or because I know it's over manufactured, and too trendy in the end...
    thanks for stopping by u-s by the way!

  11. I say "Yea!" to your clogs. But then I author an entire blog about nothing but. Come over and visit sometime. (And send a pic or two of you in your new Steve Maddens and I'll publish them with a link to your own blog!)

  12. love the ones you picked, they look great with those flared jeans!

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  13. welcome to the dark side lady!! i love the ones you got - they look amazing. i'll make a confession: 7 pairs and going strong. i started with swedish hasbeens, then steve madden sucked me in with a ruffly pair, then a mauve leather pair found on free people, then their blue calf hair sisters...gah the list could go on but i'll stop here.

    i think you might neeeeeeeeeeeeeed those jeffrey campbell's. and um, have you considered the jessica simpson dany's? they're the latest addition and are sky high MAGIC. you would look amazing in them!! (or those fab chanels!!)


  14. Thank you for all your amazing comments kitten :) you are such a sweetie. So did you get some clogs? If you do you have to post some pictures xxxx

  15. Just looking at alll those clogs almost made me trip... and I'm lying on my couch!

    Clogs are cutest on thin young girls, but for someone like me, they are just a broken leg waiting to happen!

  16. I adore the Chanel clogs! I have no idea why, but clogs are fabulous!
    Thank you for your cute comment :)

    xoxo, Susann

  17. I adore that rust color. Jeffrey Campbell has a rust suede wedge lace-up oxford that I've been eyeing lustfully. Maybe for the holidays.... !


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