Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous/Spends his time alone in the basement/With Lennon and Cobain/And a guitar and a stereo

Feb 1, 2011

I find myself listening to a lot of classic 90's music lately, Our Lady Peace, Green Day  (everything before 21st Century Breakdown), Nirvana, Hole, and Pearl Jam to name a few. I guess it's only natural that lately my clothing choices reflect the grungey music playing on my i pod.

(dress & touque Zara, jeans Hudson, plaid shirt, belt & earrings thrifted)

10 thoughts:

  1. Oh I like this. It is kind of girly meets grunge and it is working for you!

  2. Outfit looks so comfortable, love it.. and I agree with you on the music. So nostalgic and so much better to listen to

  3. found you via Friend Friday mailing list. . and I must say I love how comfortable yet chic this outfit looks. Love when plaid is used in unconventional ways :)

  4. aww I like the plaid coat! you look cute. btw where are you from in southern ontario?? :)

  5. this is so 90's! Love it!

    Eboni Ife'

  6. Your legs looks so long in this outfit! I love it.

    Just Better Together

  7. This outfit is super cute! It's so tonboy meets girly girl, which is my style too! :)


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