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Feb 5, 2011

When I come across something I love: shoes, books, movies, clothes, blogs; I tend to become a bit obsessed. So when I read the blogger profile for Love Aesthetics I knew before even entering her site I was hooked!

The thing I love about this Dutch blog is that it is a style blog and it isn’t. As you browse through Ivania's posts you’ll find there are a lot of refreshingly original and unique style ideas, but also thought-provoking social commentary related to fashion, society and politics. 

The blog is bursting with creativity; it’s filled with original thoughts, ideas and opinions relatively untainted by popular culture. The writing is genuine and you can sense Ivania's passion when you read her posts and view her photography. I am now officially obsessed with Dutch culture and style blogs:)
Photos curteousy of Love Aesthetics

9 thoughts:

  1. Definitely gonnna be checking her out.

  2. She has some amazing pieces! Thanks for sharing!

    Just Better Together

  3. i love her sense of style. . it's so casual chic yet so . . timeless!

  4. She's certainly stylish and I love her DIY hanging rail:).

  5. Amazing pictures! Your blog is really nice! :)

  6. I can't tell you how flattered I am by this post you did! It's so nice to read that people actually read my posts instead of only looking at pictures :):) This really made my day(and week) Thank you sooo much darling!!

  7. I’m so glad I could share this blog with you all, and that you enjoyed it :)

    Ivania I’m happy to share your blog because I feel your blog/philosophy encompasses a lot of important things. It helps dispel the myth that “fashion” and “fashion blogging” is a frivolous endeavour and showcases it for what it is: a form of art. So your welcome!

  8. Fab blog, thanks so much for sharing.

    Loving your writing, keep it up :)



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