Do people still blog or has blogging gone the way of the rotary phone?

Dec 27, 2019

Is blogging still a thing? My last blog post was in 2015... over four years ago. When I peruse my old faves its a similar situation. No new posts in years, though everyone seems to be active on instagram. I've been posting on that platform (@Quiet_K10) but it's not the same as blogging. I miss the writing part, something distinct from crafting the perfect 3 word caption complete with emoji and I miss reading what others have to say about the clothes they wear. There seems to be a homogeneous feel to Instagram, the platform keeps promoting accounts of professional content creators that look inter-changeable, not the types of accounts I actually follow!

So here I am, picking things up where I left off with the blog, a regular person with a 9-5 posting outfits. Lots has changed (I live in Toronto), I still like and wear vintage (to a lesser degree) and I still have strong opinions about clothing! I'll leave you with an outfit roundup from instagram, a snapshot of my personal style these days. Still a slightly hippie lace-ish but definitely different from four years ago. 

Sunday Series: Happy Birthday Baby E!

Nov 22, 2015

A few weeks ago we celebrated Eden's first birthday. Usually we travel a couple hours to visit family for birthday celebrations but this time we decided to stay here and throw a party in our own home. It was a lot easier that way!

 It was fun getting stuff together for the party, the theme was flamingos. I didn't want them to take over so I only used a few here and there. Most of the decorations I've collected over the years from throwing baby showers and other parties, luckily the colours worked for Eden's birthday party too. The tassel garland was my favourite, you can find them all over etsy, but they're super easy to make so that's what I did.

I had planned on buying a flamingo pinata but it turns out they're a seasonal item and only sold in stores during the summer. Instead of panicking I decided it wouldn't be that hard to make one. My mom and I made the flamingo pinata, following this DIY and it was really easy! The kids were really timid when hitting the pinata so we ended up making a hole in the side and let them rip it open. Once the candy and toys started falling out and they realized what was inside and that pinata was done!!!

The kids had such a blast, from all the sugar they consumed and playing with the guests. Eden had fun visiting with everyone and being the center of attention. When it came time for her smash cupcake she was more interested in trying to touch the flame than having anything to do with eating the cake!

I managed to get a couple phone snaps of the decorations before the party started and chaos ensued. Thanks to my friends who took photos during the party and sent them to me, otherwise I would have none :)


Nov 11, 2015

dress Gap (on sale & an extra 40% off!)/crewneck sweatshirt J Crew
scarf c/o Printed Village/ purse Forever 21/riding boots Nordstrom/
belt Banana Republic (similar)

Personal style is constantly changing and evolving, lately I find myself drawn to more structured, classic pieces. I don't know why my clothing preferences have shifted. Maybe its because its easier to throw them on in a rush and look somewhat put together, or its become a bit much seeing the bohemian style everywhere, on everyone.  I've added some new bloggers to my blog role like We Wore What, who's persona style is really sharp and more in-line with what I'm liking lately.

I'm still a sucker for print on print and although I told myself I was getting a little too old for leopard print, here I am, wearing it from head to toe! This dress was a pleasant surprise from the gap, on sale and then 40% off it was something like $12. It's great on its own or layered, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. I'm loving this turquoise scarf from the Printed Village fall collection, it's bright colours work really well with the darker staples I tend to wear during the colder weather. 

(Sorry about the sporadic posting, I'm taking a course at one of the universities here and it's taking up a lot more of my time than I had anticipated)

crystal clear

Sep 30, 2015

dress Forever 21 (similar here & here)/coat Anthropologie /
flats Zara (similar here)
c/o amethyst geode necklace Uncommon Goods

Jewelry can make or break an outfit so it's something I always put a little thought into when getting dressed. The right necklace or stack of rings can make plainer pieces look that much more polished, or put on too many pieces of jewelry and it takes away from an outfit. There's a fine line between too much and too little when it comes to accessories and I always try to be mindful of that.

This past weekend was Jay's sister's wedding shower and as much as I love to pile on the jewelry I knew I wanted to wear this dress (it's one of my faves) with something pretty and understated to compliment it. I ended up wearing this amethyst geode necklace from Uncommon Goods because it's beautiful and I'm a sucker for anything involving a crystal. Naturally it was my number one choice.

There are lots of unique, beautiful pieces on the Uncommon Goods website, with plenty of bracelets and rings right up my alley! I've linked some of my other favorites below, all of them have a bit of a boho vibe, which is not surprising. My birthday is next month and I wouldn't complain if any of these made their way to me!

Canadian Tuxedo Take 2

Sep 28, 2015

lace-up sandals Free People/A-line skirt Zara (similar)
star print shirt, star necklace, crystal necklace Forever 21
belt Thrifted/sunglasses Le Chateau

I don't know why wearing denim on denim is labelled the Canadian tuxedo because it's never been a thing here, like ever! People dress up for formal events - if you showed up at a non country-themed wedding you would be dressed inappropriately!  Regardless of where the term originated from, in the fashion blogging world any outfit that consists of denim on denim is automatically called the Canadian tuxedo. but it's usually jeans and a denim button up.  I like this variation of denim on denim, it's a lot but not too much.

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