outfit: that dress

Jan 30, 2015

 diamonds in the sky dress & boots Free People
sweater Club Monaco
coat Vintage
necklaces top Urban Outfitters, middle Etsy, bottom Forever 21
scarf Forever 21
This dress! I saw the white and blue version months ago in the Free People store in Toronto, and although I thought it was pretty I wasn't quite sold on it. When I saw the black and lilac one online I knew it belonged in my closet! It's more of a summer dress (it's essentially backless) but it works as a layering basic, light enough to wear under bulky sweaters and long enough (without dragging on the ground) to keep your legs warm. I love the crochet trim and embroidery detail, now all I need to do is find a lilac something or other to layer over top.

outfit: pink prints

Dec 11, 2014


 necklace Club Monaco
coat Vintage 
scarf & blouse J Crew
skirt Aritzia
cardigan Gap
hat Zara
tights (super warm) Forever 21
scarf Super Fresh Baby Knits
I'm not a huge fan of pink but, make an exception for this dusty rose shade. Something about it's soft, romantic vibe really appeals to me. Plus its a colour that matches just about everything so it gets a pass. Winter is most definitely here in Ottawa, but when the temperature hovers around zero a thick pair of tights is just as warm as a pair of jeans
This is my first outfit post since having Eden and I forgot how fun they are to do, despite the fact my laptop died and I had to post from our tablet. These photos are straight out of the camera, no editing (no editing software on the tablet), but luckily the light was good so no touch-ups were necessary.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get back into doing outfit posts regularly. It would be easier taking pictures inside, but the light in our place isn't great and I hate using the flash. We usually take pictures when we're out doing something, but with two under two we're usually crunched for time and pictures don't always happen. Not sure what I'm going to do going forward (ideas are welcomed!) but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

and then there were four

Nov 30, 2014

 After being pregnant for what felt like forever our newest family member is here and almost a month old! On November fourth I went into labour and unlike my first pregnancy with Tavi everything happened quite quickly. It was a little over four hours from my first contraction to delivery. It was a good thing Jay was home prodding me along when I first went into labour because I was taking my sweet time getting ready. I figured based on Tavi's birth (which was 30+ hours) I had plenty of time and there was no rush to get to the hospital. The only reason we left when we did was because Jay convinced me it was better to go than to be too late!
Although I had Tavi's overnight bag packed my own bag was half done so I got my stuff together as Jay got Tavi ready to get dropped off at our friends. At the hospital we thought we had arrived with plenty of time to spare, a nurse checked me and was going to send us home because I wasn't dilated at all. The only we reason stuck around was because I kept throwing up and they wanted to make sure the grovel I was given stayed down. When the nurse checked me one final time before sending us home we realized we wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. Basically the baby was coming that very moment! Needless to say the delivery was a bit chaotic, everyone was scrambling around trying to get things set up and I was in disbelief everything was happening so quickly!
Eden arrived on Nov 4th at 3:40am weighing 7lbs 3oz. I remember thinking she was so small (compared to Tavi who was 9lbs 5oz) and I was a bit worried actually, but she was just fine. I was so happy to finally hold her in my arms and couldn't wait for Tavi to meet her little sister.
 Tavi has been really good with the baby and loves her a lot.  She constantly says the word baby and points to Eden and then tries to say her name but it comes out ee-ee, which makes us smile. She loves helping with the baby and is excited every morning to see Eden. Right acted she wakes up Tavi runs into our room to look at Eden sleeping in the bassinet.
 As far as adjusting there were a couple times when Tavi wanted mama the same time that the baby did and she got really upset, but for the most part she's adjusted well. Jay took vacation and then my mom was here and Tavi spent some time at Jay's parent's so she's gotten lots of attention (and we've had lots of help) when the baby first came home. I make a point of finding time to spend one on one with Tavi so that she doesn't feel like the new baby gets all the attention.
We are very happy with our little family of four. It hasn't been that much of a change really, it feels as if Eden has always been a part of our family. Jay and I both look forward to watching our two little girls grow up together and who knows, maybe add another kid down the road!

Sunday Series/Family Life: We are Canadian #OttawaStrong

Oct 26, 2014

This past week was a dark one in Canadian History. The deaths of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent have reverberated across the country and shocked us all. This is not the country we know. Parliament Hill is a safe place, a tourist destination. Gun violence is something that happens other places, not here. It's not part of Canadian culture to own guns, or even think about them. Yes the police, military and recreational hunters own them but if you asked the average person where you could buy a gun they'd look at you with a blank stare. These murders are difficult to comprehend and have affected us all. 

Family Photos With Iaroslava Petrenko Photography

Oct 20, 2014

A few weeks ago I mentioned we were having family/maternity photos done, and that I'd share them on the blog. We got the photos back and although I knew Iaroslava was an amazing photographer I was completely blown away when I saw the final photos from our shoot. You can't imagine how hard it was to choose just a few pictures for this post!

I first met Iaroslava through work a few years ago, and could tell right away she was laid back and down to earth, a genuinely nice person. Somehow our conversation shifted to photography (I'm pretty sure I had just bought my DSLR and was like help me understand my new camera please!!) and I discovered she was a professional photographer outside of work. I took her business card and after checking out her website I knew I'd better hold onto that card because one day I'd need it. I've had that card in my wallet for over two years and am happy I was finally able to put it to good use.

We had our photos taken at one of the prettiest places in Ottawa, Fletcher Wildlife Garden, a spot filled with beautiful flowers and foliage and plenty of trees to hide behind should you need to do a discrete wardrobe change! I had a few conversations via email with Iaroslava before the photoshoot about the feel and look we were going for and I knew by her replies we were both on the same page. I trusted her judgement and the result is photos that reflect our little family perfectly. 

The fact that Iaroslava got so many photos of Tavi amazes me. Tavi loves being outside and was more interested in collecting rocks and running towards mud puddles rather than standing still with me and Jay. I'm not sure how she managed to get the photos she did, but clearly she is talented and one of the best child photographers in Ottawa! We are so happy with how this family photo session turned out we highly recommend her if you're in the Ottawa area :)

Eco Friendly Flower crown & Tavi's Paper Rosettes (which she kept taking out of her hair)- Shop Bleu Gardens
Nightingale Dress - Free People
Minimal Lace-up Heel - Free People 
Sweater - BCBG
Lace Panel Dress Forever 21

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